Effective Education Software

A child’s education is what sets them up for the rest of their lives. It's what will help them to continue with the higher education, it's also what will help them to develop in their careers. Apart from having high grades on their certificates, having a good education sets them up for having a healthy and positive lifestyle, making good social decisions, raising a family and getting the most out of life. 


If a child is struggling at school it will not only affect their grades but it will affect their confidence and the way that not only they carry themselves but the way that others approach them. For example, if a child gets one low grade their confidence might be knocked making them feel like they aren't good enough. If they don't get the help that they need then they could withdraw and stop trying. This can make them look like a lazy or naughty child affecting the way that teachers, other students and family approach them. It's a vicious cycle and one that could be so simply solved if the child gets the best out of their education.


Here at Effective Education Software we believe that not every child learns in the same way. Some learn by listening, others by watching and others by simply learning from a book and then trying it for themselves. Because of this we don't feel that simply using textbooks is an effective way to teach students. Of course it does work wonders with some children, but for those who don't respond as well to that style of learning, they aren't being pushed to their full potential. That is why we have developed custom software for K-12 education. 


What we cover

Effective Education Software covers all aspects of the K-12 curriculum. This includes Maths, English and Science. Of course there are also sub categories within each subject, for example literacy, spelling, arithmetic etc.


Who is it for?

The Effective Education Software is first and foremost for the children.

It is also something that benefits teachers greatly as they are able to use it to learn knew methods of teaching for their students. They can use the materials to help build their own individual lesson plans, or they can teach straight from the software that we provide. It will help teachers to know alternative ways and methods of reaching their students while still getting in the core aspects of the curriculum. 

Lastly it is for the parents. Used in the same way as for the teachers, the Effective Education Software can greatly help parents to tutor their students from home. 


How it is provided?

The Effective Education Software comes in a range of methods. You can log into to our online system and access all of the materials there. This can be done anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Whether at home, at school or in the library!

You can also use the CD's, again at home or anywhere else where you can play CD's.

Lastly you can download the mobile app to learn on the go!


Hear from some very satisfied customers!

I downloaded the Effective Education Software mobile app for my kids to use. They're always playing on the iPad so I wanted them to use the time more effectively. They are improving at school and really learning a lot!

By Jean Gardener

Effective Education Software provide such a great service. I'm a K-12 teacher and I always recommend that my students use the software either online or on their mobiles as an app. The CD is also really great for them. I really see the benefits in their progress during class!

By Paul Walker

My son was really struggling at school so I decided to get him some extra help. A tutor would have been far too expensive so I tried Effective Education Software. We started with the CD and using the online modules then when he started improving we went for the mobile app too - it's great!

By Emma Lindley